WORLD FAITH HIGH SCHOOLS 22, Nelson Mandela Street, Uyo Akwa Ibom State

                              Foundation School 

This is a school in world faith high school that handles:

Very slow learners.

➥Weak students.

➥ Specially challenged people.

➥ And those that did not have good foundation studies from their former schools.

Our Foundation Schools are:

Nursery people foundation school 

➥ Primary people foundation school 

 ➥ Secondary people foundation school 

 School subjects for Nursery & Primary 

➥ Literacy

➥ Numeracy 

➥ Science activities 

➥ Mathematics activities 

➥ Keep the brain active activities 

➥ Skill writing activities 

➥ English activities 

➥ Drawing and arts activities 

 Subjects for Secondary School

➥ Arts and design 

➥ Citizenship studies 

➥ Music 

➥ Languages 

➥ Computing and ICT Studies 

➥Design and Technology 

 ➥ Geography 

➥ History 

➥ English Language 

➥ Mathematics 

➥ Science 

➥ Religious Education 

Design and Technology 

Students will engage in practical problems, develop their skills, design and create functional products, languages such as: French, English and Local language.

Geography: Students will learn more about the world around them.

History: They will learn important and iconic historical events.

Music: It will allow students to express themselves using their voices. Music is a great foundation subject. 

Computing and ICT Studies: The foundation school will teach the students concepts such as: Algorithm; simple programming, reasoning, information technology. In other to participate in a rapidly changing world.

About World Faith High Schools 

Welcome to world faith high schools 

A place where destiny is shaped and moulded.

A  place of care and love 

A place with zero tolerance for indiscipline 

A place where all learners are treated equally and accepted.

A place of would academic excellence.

A place of discovery and memorable journey of learning.

A place for spiritual awakening and character formation.

A place that teachers serve as parents.

A place where stars are shaped and produced.

A place with fast talent and skills.

A community of togetherness and unity.


To train those who dropped out from school for one reason or the other.

    ➥   A school that your age does not matter.

     ➥   A school with flexible study days.

     ➥   A school with personalized attention.




Our mission is to ensure that every one is educated.
After someone stops going to school, going back to school means enrolling and restarting their education. Back to school – School does not disturb your social commitment and your work.
Online Schools:  We have online school desk in world faith high school for those that will collect our teaching tapes and study materials and learn along with our facilitators, without necessarily coming to the classroom.

This school is especially for those that are very mature in age and could not find time to come to the classroom.

1.  In our online school, students cater reading materials.
2.  Interact with teachers and classmates.
3.  View grades and monitor progress.